Choosing a Server for a Small Business

If you’re a starting business, you don’t have to be grand yet with the network server. You can choose a model that’s great for a small business. It’s better than having none since technology is important now for a small business to prosper and grow. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from. The challenge is, it’s almost impossible to look for network server support in Columbus especially if you don’t know where to begin.  

Small Business 

This is our advice for you; it doesn’t have to be too complicated. We give you the tips and things to consider when choosing a server for a small business like you. Making the decision is important, so take the tips into account.  

What’s a Small Business Server?  

A server is a remote computer that’s connected to the internet 24/7. The computer is host of different types of applications and services that can be accessed using the internet. The services like hosting an e-commerce store, securing email hosting, backing-up business data, and hosting SaaS applications, supporting multiple virtual servers, providing virtual desktops to the team and many more. So you see, a server is important for a small business, no matter what you do.  

Selecting the Right Server Operating System 

One of the key components of a successful server operation is choosing the right server operating system. We can say that a server is similar to a PC, but also differs a lot. When you use a normal PC, you can interact with it a single-user way. But a server is a multi-user machine that’s interacted with over network connections and can provide many services for different people. So, using the right OS really matters a lot. The main choices of OS are Microsoft and Linux. Each of these operating systems has their advantages and disadvantages.  

Dedicated Servers 

A dedicated server is like a desktop computer, but is more reliable and powerful. It uses a server-grade hardware used by a single business. For a small business, a dedicated server is already a powerful server option. They can be a moderately powerful machine that can support a busy website or a very powerful machine with hundreds of gigabytes of a memory and dozens of processors.  

Cloud Server 

In a user’s perspective, a cloud server is similar to a dedicated server. But in reality, it’s a virtual machine that runs in software on enterprise-grade server hardware. A physical server can have different cloud servers. The thing is that, a cloud sever is advantageous to your part. It can be deployed easily via web-based control panel and can be scaled to accommodate different demands.  

Hybrid Servers 

A server between a dedicated and cloud server is a hybrid server, given the name. It’s less expensive than the dedicated server but less powerful. This server has the same resources as lower-tier dedicated server. As a business owner, you don’t have to choose just one. There are those who use a dedicated server while also taking advantage of cloud servers.