Aside from having flowers. It is also a nice and wonderful idea to have a vegetable garden. There would be a lot of benefits and positive sides when it comes to starting this kind of idea. Some people might have a problem because they are thinking that they would need to have a bigger space just to set up and start with a vegetable garden. But the truth to this is that you just need to be more innovative and look for something to help you to maximize what you have. You don’t have to think deeply about the Boca Raton paving. It would be less expensive when it comes to the area that you have to take care with. Ni need for you to spend so much time cultivating the soil or giving them fertilizer. All you need to be is someone who can maintain everything that you have started. Make it as a daily habit to your schedule and after a couple of months. You will be very proud of yourself creating this kind of thing in a very small area or place next to your house or even in the porch or balcony of your apartment.  


  1. If you have a narrow space beside your house or next to your room outside. Then, you can create something special and unique here. All you have to do is to research and choose the kind of vegetable plants that won’t take a lot of space. You could have some herbs and runners. They won’t take a lot of space and they don’t need a wide area to grow. If you just need some vegetable that you can use for daily cooking. You can have some onions, garlic and ginger. They can grow in this kind of limited space and area.  
  2. If you have a balcony that you can use to plant some vegetables that you like. Then, that would be something wonderful as you can plant a bit there. You can have small pots where they can grow like tomatoes, chili and peppers. You can water them every day and they don’t grow taller or even wider.  
  3. It is a great idea as well to hang the plants on the rail of the balcony. You can watch some videos on how to make this one. The things you need to prepare and the procedure in making the small box and hang it to the balcony of your apartment.  
  4. You can also get the idea of having a long and narrow box or rectangular box where you can plant some vegetables there like carrots, lettuce, or even radish.  
  5. If you have some extra jars or mason jars that you don’t use anymore. You can recycle them and make them as a pot and you can actually put some plants or vegetables there and hang it. You can use a ladder as well or anything like can paint and tin cans. You need to be imaginative as well.