How to Deep Clean Your Carpet

If you think that vacuuming is no longer enough, then it must be time to deep clean your carpet. To do that, it is highly encouraged that you hire the experts in carpet cleaning Vacaville CA to do the job. Otherwise, you’ll have to do the job yourself.  


Be reminded though, the deep cleaning carpets is not an easy feat. It’s something that requires thorough attention, a lot of your time, and all of your effort. You can follow the tips below to help achieve the effect that you wanted.  

  1. Start with the vacuum cleaner. 

No carpet deep cleaning can start without vacuuming the surface area first. So, take out your vacuum cleaner and start covering the entire surface of the carpet. Doing so removes all loose debris, which is the ideal state of the carpet before starting with the rest of the steps. You have to remove as much dirt as possible so try to do several passes on the carpet at various angles.  

  1. Use the right pretreatment cleaning solutions.

There are different types of pretreatment cleaning solutions available in the market today. For heavily soiled carpets, the best one to use is the chemical sprays. These solutions will effectively break down all dirt while allowing for faster and more efficient cleaning.  

  1. Buy the best-quality detergent. 

Like what they always say, not all things are created equal. This holds true for detergents as well. You have to check the detergent’s quality before buying it. Then if it’s good enough, check which surfaces or materials it cleans best. Be sure that it is a perfect match for the fibers of your carpet.  

  1. Use warm water. 

When applying the detergent on the carpet, warm water is highly advised. The deep cleaner will have a water temperature setting in it. Choose the warmest possible option and use the machine as designed. If your carpet deep cleaning machine is newly bought, then you have to read the manual first before using it. 

  1. Don’t startinthe middle.  

Whether vacuuming your carpet or deep cleaning it, you never start at the middle. Instead, begin on the spot that’s farthest from the door. That way, people who don’t know that you’re cleaning the carpet won’t be walking on you. Also, it allows you to leave the room without walking on the parts that you have already cleaned.  

  1. Use specialized tools. 

When you bought that carpet deep cleaning machine, a lot of other tools come with it or are highly recommended for use with it. In case you have some of those, be sure to use them appropriately. There are special tools that can be used for cleaning upholstery and stairs. These are going to help you a lot in keeping the entire room clean and fresh-smelling.  

  1. Extract moisture immediately. 

Deep cleaned carpets are wet and moist, which is why excess water have to be extracted first before they are left to dry. The carpet deep cleaning device surely has a water extraction feature so you have to use that properly. Only after all excess water has been removed you can leave the carpet to dry.  

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